Docker hub images

Ben Ford

Hello hello!

You may have noticed some recent activity in the Puppet Labs Toy Chest, specifically in these repositories, which correspond to the images on Docker Hub that we are discontinuing maintenance on. At this time, other images are not affected.


Each of these has been extracted into their own repositories to make them available for community adoption. We're taking this action because we don't actually use these images and think that the people best suited to designing images that fit the right workflows are the people actually using them. Like always, our engineers will be available on a best effort basis to help with maintenance efforts.

I would like to propose that Vox Pupuli own them so that there's a clear succession path and a known name to point users to. Are there a few people interested in stepping up to build and republish these?

We do plan to continue maintaining these images for the foreseeable future:
- puppet-dev-tools
- pdk
- bolt
- iac_release
- kubetool

At a later time, we will be cleaning up other images in our Docker Hub. In general, images that have not been updated in the last three years and have fewer than 1K pulls will be removed. This will be communicated out to the puppet-users@ and the puppet-dev@ mailing list prior to taking action.

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