Group register: Vox Pupuli


Hi everybody,

Vox Pupuli is now a registered freenode group. This means that we can
handle out cloaks to everybody who wants one. The current group contacts
are our PMC members:


If anybody of you is interested in getting a cloak, just get in touch
with us. We can forward your request to the freenode staff people.

Cheers, Tim

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Subject: Re: Group register: Vox Pupuli
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2017 18:23:53 +0200
From: fuchs@... <fuchs@...>
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To: Tim <@bastelfreak>
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Hi Tim,
thanks for your interest in registering as a project on freenode and the
verification we did on IRC / GitHub.
You are now registered as a freenode group, voxpupuli. This means:
1) The group contacts can now, on IRC, request cloaks from any member of
staff (check /stats p or in #freenode for active staffers). Recipients
need a valid nickserv account
Cloaks have the format voxpupuli/optional/mandatory while most
projects do role/name, e.g. voxpupuli/pmc/bastelfreak (name does
not have to match your freenode name) Cloaks have a lenght limit
(unlikely to be hit) and only valid DNS characters are allowed, e.g. no
underscores. Users usually can only have one cloak at a time, so any
existing cloak would be overwritten (we ask for confirmation on these,
except when the current one is unaffiliated)

2) the group contacts can now, on IRC, request channels in the
#voxpupuli-* namespace if needed (apparently you already have all you
need, that would just be if e.g. someone unrelated grabs
#voxpupuli-puppies and you'd like to reclaim that)
Changes to GCs need to be done via e-mail, to groups@... (by an
existing GC)
If you have any remaining questions, feel free to poke any member of staff.
Kind regards,
Christian (Fuchs on freenode)