FW: Facter 4.0.33

Sebastian Miclea

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that Facter 4.0.33 is released.


Here’s what’s new:


  1. (FACT-2040) Added solaris memory resolver #1999 (sebastian-miclea)


  1. (FACT-2735) virtual not working on EXADATA baremetal #2004 (IrimieBogdan)
  2. (FACT-2736) networking facts don't work on EXADATA baremetal #2008 (IrimieBogdan)
  3. (FACT-2724) Confine blocks behave differently with Facter 4, causing spec tests to suddenly fail #2010 (IrimieBogdan)



Feel free to reach out on slack or open a ticket on https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/projects/FACT with facter-ng label. Or, even better, open a PR on the facter-ng  repository.


Best regards,

Sebastian Miclea



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