[vox-pupuli-tasks] Development update


Hi people!

Robert and I worked the past weeks on our Rails application to manage
git repositories and Puppet modules - Vox-Pupuli-Tasks. For those of you
that don't know yet what it is, please check out:

The application is now in a state where it reliable detects merge
conflicts and CI errors and attaches a `merge-conflicts` and a
`tests-fail` label in those cases. If the errors are resolved, the
labels are automatically removed. This allows all of us, if we want to
review code, to focus on those pull requests. I created a github search
query for them:


While we process all the pull requests, we also gather more information,
which we display in the UI: https://voxpupu.li/

The next thing we want to work on is multi github-org support. We want
to enable other communities to use this for their own github namespace.
This would also allow Puppet Inc to use it. The related github issue is

As always: If you would prefer another feature, have opinions on #115
our any other feedback, don't hesitate to reply here or on any of the
open issues.

Robert and Tim

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