Facter 4.0.31 is now available

Bogdan Irimie


The Facter team is happy to announce the release of Facter 4.0.31


  • (FACT-2718) Block custom facts #1996 
  • (FACT-2230) Add Aix memory facts #1994
  • (FACT-2220) Add Aix disks fact #1987
  • (FACT-2708) Add man pages #1984


  • (FACT-2710) Correctly display vmware info #1988
  • (FACT-2702) Fix system_profiler legacy facts #1982
  • Handle Time and Symbol in executable facts #1977
Feel free to reach out on slack or open a ticket on https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/projects/FACT with facter-ng label. Or, even better, open a PR on the facter repository, targeting the 4.x branch.

Best regards,
Bogdan Irimie

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