PDK 1.18.1 now available

Jesse Scott


The PDK development team is pleased to announce the latest release of the Puppet Development Kit (PDK), version 1.18.1.

Just a couple small bug fixes in this release:

 - Ensure templates have access to metadata during an `update` or `convert`.
 - Don’t attempt to modify a frozen string when parsing --tests path on Windows

Additionally, the platform-specific packages of this release include the latest version of rspec-puppet which resolves an issue with the recent 6.17.0 release of Puppet.

You can review the full release notes at: https://puppet.com/docs/pdk/1.x/release_notes_pdk.html#pdk-1181

To install or upgrade to this new version, use your platform's package manager (see https://puppet.com/docs/pdk/1.x/pdk_install.html) or download the packages directly for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms at https://puppet.com/download-puppet-development-kit.


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