Facter 4.0.30 is now available

Andrei Filipovici <andrei.filipovici@...>


The Facter team is happy to announce the release of Facter 4.0.30

Here is what changed:


  • (FACT-2690) Add Hyper-V fact for Linux #1968
  • (FACT-2694) Add linux openvz fact #1970
  • (FACT-2656) Add solaris networking facts #1947
  • (FACT-2689) Add hypervisors docker fact #1950
  • (FACT-2683) Add remaining legacy networking facts for OSX #1952
  • (FACT-2692) Add hypervisors lxc fact #1953
  • (FACT-2691) Add kvm fact on linux #1955
  • (FACT-2697) Add Xen fact #1957
  • (FACT-2695) Add virtualbox hypervisor fact #1956
  • (FACT-2693) Add systemd_nspawn fact #1958
  • (FACT-2696) Add vmware fact #1963

Bug fixes

  • (FACT-2673) Fix mountpoints logic for osx #1971
  • (maint) Silent solaris_zones facts on FreeBSD #1954

Feel free to reach out on slack or open a ticket on https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/projects/FACT with facter-ng label. Or, even better, open a PR on the facter repository, targeting the 4.x branch.

Best regards,
Andrei Filipovici

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