Facter 4.0.21 is now available

Oana Tanasoiu <oana.tanasoiu@...>


The Facter team is happy to announce the release of Facter 4.0.21

Here is what changed:


  • (FACT-2599) Run GitHub Actions on Ubuntu 16 and Osx 10 #497
  • (FACT-2247) Add networking fact for linux #496
  • (FACT-2515) Define custom fact groups in facter.conf #491
  • (FACT-2557) Add rake task for generating list of facts for specified OS #488
  • Add os.release facts on FreeBSD #485
  • (FACT-2235) Add Aix processors fact #483
  • (FACT-2569) Run acceptance tests on Ubuntu GitHub actions #477
  • (FACT-2553) Quote special string in YAML format #471
  • (FACT-2517) Open3 wrapper for executing system calls #469


  • (FACT-2533) Fix for tests/facts/partitions.rb #507
  • (FACT-2531) Fix for tests/facts/validate_file_system_size_bytes.rb #500
  • (FACT-2582) Date and Time in external YAML fact is not loaded #499
  • (FACT-2556) Refactor existing facts to use the new OS hierarchy #486

Feel free to reach out on slack or open a ticket on https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/projects/FACT with facter-ng label. Or, even better, open a PR on the facter-ng repository.

Best regards,
Tanasoiu Oana-Maria

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