Re: Facter 4 pre-release

Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden

On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 04:00:03PM +0200, Bogdan Irimie wrote:
We are very happy to inform you that in the last week we have deployed a
pre-release version of Facter 4 to rubygems. Facter 4
<>; is still under development and
our first goal is to replace Facter 2.x in Puppet gem with Facter 4.

Starting with Puppet 6.13.0 gem users can opt in to use Facter 4.

To try out Facter 4 you can run: *gem install facter –pre*

We are planning to do a full release of Facter 4 gem on the 11th of March



Module tests that have been converted to Limus and run with Puppet as a
gem will work once is

Modules converted to litmus that use litmus:install_agent or beaker with
agent provisioning will not be affected as we still plan to provide Facter
3 as the default facter in Puppet Agent AIO.
What I miss is what the impact for me as a module author. This only mentions litmus (which I don't use), so there's no impact? The README states it's a 100% compatible drop-in replacement. Does that mean that legacy facts are also still supported?

We're heavy users of and it would be nice if there were simple instructions to verify modules with Facter 4 facts.

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