PDK 1.16.0 now available

Jesse Scott


The Puppet Developer Experience team is pleased to announce the latest release of the Puppet Development Kit (PDK), version 1.16.0.

Highlights from the 1.16.0 release include:

 - Added a new "use_litmus" setting for auto-generated Travis CI configurations to make it easier to adopt Puppet Litmus in your module CI pipelines.
- PDK will now correctly place new files based on the root of your module even if you invoke `pdk new` from within a subdirectory of your module.
- To ensure that modules are compatible with all Puppet Masters regardless of their locale, `pdk module build` will now reject files that contain non-ASCII characters in their name.

Reminder: As of PDK 1.14.1, use of the PDK with Ruby versions prior to 2.4.0 is now deprecated and a warning will be issued. PDK 1.16.0 is still fully functional back to Ruby 2.1.9 however we are projecting a PDK 2.0.0 release in early 2020 which will eliminate support for Ruby < 2.4.0.

You can review the full release notes at: https://puppet.com/docs/pdk/1.x/release_notes_pdk.html#release-notes-pdk-x.16

To install or upgrade to this new version, use your platform's package manager (see https://puppet.com/docs/pdk/1.x/pdk_install.html) or download the packages directly for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms at https://puppet.com/download-puppet-development-kit.


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