PDK 1.13.0 now available

Jesse Scott


The Puppet Developer Experience team is pleased to announce the latest release of the Puppet Development Kit (PDK), version 1.13.0.

A few highlights from this release:

 - `pdk convert` will now create missing templated files that were previously only created when generating a new module (e.g. README.md)
- A new `pdk config get` command has been added which lets you inspect the both user-level and module-level configuration values. This is an incremental step in rolling out a robust configuration subsystem for PDK over the course of several releases.
- An experimental `pdk new unit_test` command has been added which allows you to generate basic unit test scaffolding for existing resources

To install or upgrade to this new version, use your platform's package manager (see https://puppet.com/docs/pdk/1.x/pdk_install.html) or download the packages directly for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms at https://puppet.com/download-puppet-development-kit.


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