Announcement: Resource API v1.0 release

David Schmitt

Hi all,

We're pleased to announce that version 1.0 of the Resource API is being launched.

The Resource API provides a simple way to create new native resources in the form of types and providers for Puppet. It is provided as a Ruby gem to be referenced within modules. Support for it has been included as an experimental feature in version 1.4 of the Puppet Development Kit (`pdk new provider`).

The Resource API provides the following functionality:

  • Simple type and provider definition.

  • Use Puppet 4+ data types.

  • Canonicalize, simple_get_filter, and remote_resource features.

  • Logging facilities.

  • New providers are compatible with all puppet commands:

    • puppet apply

    • puppet resource

    • puppet agent

    • puppet device (if applicable)

To ease adoption of the Resource API there is a module on the Forge to install it in your Puppet Server or Puppet Agent. The Resource API gem must be installed in order to use modules that have types and providers created using the Resource API. In the future we are planning to bundle the Resource API with the Puppet platform.

We encourage all module developers to review the Resource API and use it when creating modules that have types and providers. For reference, there is an example of its usage in a branch of the apt module.

Please let us know of your experiences with the Resource API.

Cheers, David


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