Re: pdk 0.2.0

Thomas Mueller <thomas@...>

Am 30.06.2017 um 14:33 schrieb David Schmitt:

On 30 June 2017 at 09:03, Thomas Mueller <thomas@...> wrote:

Hi David

The pdk-module-template has also been updated to support those features.

Is there a way to set a custom url globally (/etc/pupppetlabs/puppet/pdk.conf ?) and by user (~/.pdk.conf ?) for the module-template url?

There is currently no configuration at all for the PDK. Given our current (organizational) constraints our primary focus is on single module development, and Windows support, both big gaps in our current offering.

Once we get this set of features wrapped up, having a place to store per-user config (e.g. also for personalized defaults in the `new module` interview`) is high on my priority list.

I mostly work in environments with teams with no (direct) access to the internet. Being able to specify a internal URL in /etc to the internal git-service would be nice. This might be just some env var which could be set in /etc/profile.d .

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