Re: pdk 0.3.0

David Hollinger

Awesome! Thanks for the work!

A few notes:

On puppet 5.0.0, I'm seeing a rubocop error:
pdk (FATAL): Failed to render template '.rubocop.yml.erb'
RuntimeError: no defaults for rubocop 0.47.1 available
Was also perusing the pdk-module-template repository and noticed 2 files that seem a very work environment-specific:

appveyor.yml.erb - generates an appveyor.yml file. Not all customers use this. In fact, just at work and within VP alone we have .gitlab-ci.yml and .travis.yml. I'm sure other orgs and customers use their own choice of tooling, like Jenkinsfile with Jenkins.

.project.erb - generates a geppetto .project file. I'll be honest - I didn't think this was a maintained IDE anymore, but that notwithstanding, this again comes down to work environment. We use RubyMine here (with VSCode and NeoVIm as backup editors). This is definitely a file we wouldn't need and may not want.

Is there a purpose behind having these in the PDK template or should there be a discussion to either remove all CI and IDE config files altogether or create logic/templates for the most commonly used tools?

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