Re: Puppet SDK (pre-)announcement

David Schmitt

On 2 Jun 2017 22:45, "Rob Nelson" <rnelson0@...> wrote:

Thanks for the preview! I've only had time to review it on the surface, but one question about rubocop. I know the SDK will be opinionated, but do you envision the ability to use the SDK without rubocop? While VP uses it heavily, I don't use it in my modules and we don't use it at work because the pre-1.0.0 nature of it leads to a lot of breakage at the absolute worst times. VP *does* pin it to reduce those impacts, at least, whereas the SDK right now is not pinned or bound at all.

The goal is to provide a coherent, tested set of tools, based on top of the templates. That of course includes a matching rubocop config and version. There are also provisions to run tools one-by-one. 

Please don't call it opinionated. With Bryan Jen, James Stocks, Jean Bond, Jesse Scott, Tim Sharpe, and myself, we've got a bunch of people working on improving the story across the board. For the pdk the goal is to capture the essence of module development workflow to provide the best experience possible, both to newcomers and experts.

Cheers, David 

Rob Nelson

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