Re: Puppet SDK (pre-)announcement

David Schmitt

On 2 June 2017 at 16:22, David Hollinger <david.hollinger@...> wrote:
Awesome! This looks incredibly useful.

Thank you!

Couple questions:
  • Will this replace using 'puppet module generate' to create a new module?
I would wish so, see ; I can't tell if and when that'll happen. Not before a release and soak time on the SDK side, for sure.
  • Will this use the Puppet Module Skeleton that 'puppet module generate' uses today or is it designed specifically to be used only with modulesync?
By default, the SDK's templates will reside in This is overridable on a case-by-case basis, allowing you to provide your own templates. If you have PMG templates at the moment, you'll need to translate them, but I expect that to be relatively easy, as both use ERB. Should a significant number of folks pipe up with PMG compatible custom templates, we could consider implementing additional render support for those too.

More generally, if you have custom templates, we are also very interested in what you need there, so we can improve the SDK's templates so that this need goes away.

Cheers, David

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