PMC elections 2016

Vox Pupuli Election Officer

Hello everyone,

Due to my travels the PMC election has been delayed a bit but we're finally ready to get started. Since we have 6 candidates but only 5 slots we will hold a Condorcet poll in which you are asked to pick your top 5 choices.

The election will start on the Tuesday the 27th of September 2016 at 12:00 UTC and will end on the Sunday the 9th of October 2016 at 23:59 UTC. We are using Cornell's Condorcet Internet Voting Service platform to hold this poll.

This election is public, meaning that anyone with the link to the poll can submit a vote. We do however collect some statistics meaning your vote will require an email address. As such your vote is not anonymous but viewing the data is restricted to the Election Officer (me), whom according to our own rules cannot run for election. The reason for doing so is that anyone can participate in the vote but I want some guarantee that the participants at least come from the Puppet community and no one abuses having (access to) large IP blocks to influence the vote. Though making the vote private could be used to achieve this is would require generating a link per person wishing to cast a vote which makes this a much larger administrative burden.

You can access the poll by going to: Please note that if you do that right now you will receive an error stating "This poll does not exist or has not been started." as the poll is not yet open. I recommend setting a reminder for yourself to vote sometime between the opening and closing of the poll.

I will update this thread three more times:

  • When the poll opens
  • Midway through, as a reminder to vote
  • The results, once we close the poll

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me directly. I would prefer this to happen over IRC (daenney on Freenode) but the poll also lists an e-mail address I will keep tabs on.

-- Daniele Sluijters

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