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This is the email distribution list for the Tasmanian (VK7) Amateur Radio news bulletin and related announcements from the amateur radio clubs within the VK7 region. 
 The objectives of this list are: 
  •  To provide an electronic mail medium for all clubs throughout VK7 to distribute amateur radio related information; and, 
  •  To distribute the VK7 Amateur Radio News bulletins, WIA information and other Amateur Radio related information. 
  •  A weekly broadcast is held every Sunday morning at 0900 (local Tasmanian time) that includes the WIA National News and followed by the VK7 Amateur Radio news at 0930. It may be heard on the following frequencies: 
  • 1.862 MHz LSB;
  • 3.670MHz LSB; 
  • 7.140MHz LSB; 
  • 14.130MHz USB; 
  • 28.525MHz USB;
  • 53.700MHz FM (VK7RCH South);
  • 53.775MHz FM (VK7RDR North West); 
  • 53.825 MHz FM (VK7RAD South); 
  • 146.700MHz FM (VK7RAD South);
  • 146.775MHz  FM (VK7RTV NW);  
  • 146.850 MHz FM (VK7RHT South); 
  • 147.000 MHz FM (VK7RAA North); 
  • 439.825MHz FM (VK7RTC South);
  • 439.775 MHz FM (VK7RDR North West);
  • 445.500MHz  DVB-T (VK7AX Ulverstone);
  • 476.775MHz UHF CB Channel 15 (in Hobart area);
  • DMR Talk Group 5 - VK7 News only from 0930-1000 from VK7RCR, VK7RAD or hotspot
  • DSTAR Reflector 91C - VK7 News only from 0930-1000 and
  • VK7AX Video Stream BATC https://batc.org.uk/live/vk7ax.
 The WIA News and VK7 Amateur Radio News broadcast is also repeated:  Tuesday @ 2000 on VK7RAA - 147.000MHz, in Northern Tasmania and  VK7RTC - 439.825MHz  in Southern Tasmania.
Want to contribute items? 
News for the VK7 Amateur Radio broadcast can be sent to the VK7 Amateur Radio News and Broadcast Coordinator, Email: vk7arnews@gmail.com. 
The deadline to get items to the Coordinator for the broadcast is 2100 (9pm) on Friday prior to the Sunday of the Broadcast. 
 Or just post to this list!

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