locked WARNING: Minor Defect in QSO Relay 1.6

Chris VK2BYI

Please be advised there is a minor defect in the latest release v1.6 of QSO Relay.

This defect will only occur under the following set of circumstances:
  • You log a contact and QSO Relay reports that it could not be logged in HRD Logbook because it is not running or responding.  In this situation, QSO Relay caches the contact so that another attempt can be made to log it later;
  • You start/restart HRD Logbook;
  • You select the Synchronise Databases... menu item in QSO Relay, so that it will try to log any cached contacts before synchronising the databases;
  • You have one or more cached contacts that contain a multi-line address field value.

In this situation, QSO Relay incorrectly reads the 'cached' contact(s), and you receive the following error message: "The given key was not present in the dictionary".

A new version of QSO Relay will be made available as soon as possible. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

73 Chris VK2BYI