QSORELAY and error msg

Morris WA4MIT

It seems that after a few hours use that qsorelay and or jtalert is loosing contact with the DB I am getting error QSO not logged msg when in reality the contact is logged. This has happened couple of times now. yesterday I left JTDX, JTAlert and QSORELAY all on but JTDX was stopped from decoding when I came back to computer it had lost contact and would not log QSO`s on same msg restarted the softwares all OK again. Really do appreciate the software being able to use latest HRD is great thanks guys. 73 Morris WA4MIT

Chris VK2BYI

We have identified an issue where QSO Relay is trying too soon to verify that the contact was logged after requesting HRD to log it, and not allowing enough time for HRD to actually write the contact to the database.  You get the warning but the contact subsequently appears in HRD Logbook.

We have modified the code to try more than once over a number of seconds to verify the contact, and this should address this problem.

It will be available in a new release that we are working on at the moment and hope to release shortly as time permits.

73 Chris