locked QSO Relay - Release 1.2 Now Available

Bruce VK2RT

Please be advised that a new release of QSO Relay (Version 1.2) is now available at

We wish to thank all users for their positive feedback and patience in working with us to resolve some of the issues experienced.

Release Notes for Version 1.2

  • Improved Database Synchronisation performance;
  • Added Database Synchronisation reports to users “Documents\QSORelay” folder;
  • Added caching of contacts that could not be relayed to HRD Logbook, to allow relay during a subsequent database synchronisation;
  • Improved message description on unique constraint violation exceptions;
  • Floating point values in float columns that should only contain integer values, are converted to integers;
  • Added row count to Delete Contact dialog caption bar;
  • Added QsoDate and Call search feature to Delete Contact dialog;
  • Added multiple attempts to check contact has been successfully logged in HRD Logbook;
  • Added support for different decimal place characters for different cultures;
  • Added support to convert invalid floating point values to integers values;
  • Added diagnostic tracing statements that can be captured to a session log file;

Please ensure that you download and read the new documentation.

If you are in need of a more detailed explanation on how to correctly configure QSO Relay when HRD Logbook is using a Microsoft Access (.mdb) database, we have added a new document called "Configuring QSO Relay for Microsoft Access Databases".

QSO Relay users, please spread the word...