locked QSO Relay version 1.7

Chris VK2BYI

Please be advised that a new release of QSO Relay (Version 1.7) is now available for download at, or by selecting the Check for Updates... item on the QSO Relay menu if you are using a previous version of QSO Relay.

This version is a quick corrective update to the just-released version 1.6 that contained a minor defect, so I will repeat the changes here that were introduced in version 1.6, and include a description of the fix in this release:

  • v1.6: Added FT8 and JT4 to the set of modes that will be extracted from HRD Logbook during a synchronise database operation when filtered by the ‘JT Mode contacts only’ selection in the Logbook Extract drop-down listbox in the Options dialog;
  • v1.6: Added support for embedded carriage return/line feed characters in the Address field in the UDP datagram sent by JTAlertX.
  • v1.7: Fixed an error where the cached contacts file was not being parsed correctly. This is the only change from v1.6.

The latest version of Ham Radio Deluxe includes a fix in Logbook that now allows contacts to be added via the Logbook API that contain multi-line values in the Address field, using a back slash and lower case ‘n’ character sequence (\n) to represent the place where a line break should occur.

If you upgrade to version (or later) of HRD, and QSO Relay version 1.7 (or later), you can now turn the ‘Log Address returned from an XML or previous QSO lookup’ option in the Logging node in JTAlert settings back on:

QSO Relay 1.7+ will now replace any embedded carriage return/line feed characters in the Address field with the newline place marker characters so that HRD Logbook will now correctly log the contact without any loss of data.

I would like to especially thank Mike (WA9PIE), Mike (K7ZCZ) and the rest of the team at Ham Radio Deluxe, for their efforts in working with us to resolve this issue.

73 Chris