HRD needs refresh after logging .


Thank you to all and that did the trick polling / sharing was not set 73s to everyone who answered

Chris VK2BYI

Thanks Mike, yes that is a workaround. But as I said above it should happen automatically. I don't have it set, but every contact being logged displays immediately for me and my colleagues. :)

Mike Davies <face@...>

Not sure if this is the solution as I already had this set but have a look in HRD Log under Tools, Configure, Sharing and make sure the Poll for Updates box is ticked. 5 seconds should be sufficient. Mike, G0KAD

Chris VK2BYI

Hi Jacques,

Thank you for the feedback.

You shouldn't have to refresh HRD for the new row to appear.  As long as the grid in HRD is sorted in Time On descending order - that is, with the most recent contacts at the top - the row should appear automatically.  That is what happens on my setup and others that I know.  This might be a question better asked of the HRD Support Group forum.  For a workaround, there is an option on the Settings menu in HRD Logbook called Sharing that allows you set a periodic refresh every 5 seconds - but I repeat this shouldn't be necessary, it should happen after HRD accepts the new contact.

With regards to your second question, it is "normal".  The only columns that are populated are those where values have been provided by JTAlertX, if a value is not provided, it is left 'null' or empty.  So at first it looks like LoTW Sent, eQSL Sent, QSL Sent etc. appear empty, but when you open the contact in HRD and press F7, HRD writes the row back with 'N' values in those sort of columns.



Firstly thank you for the program, I was previously logging through ADIF etc.from both JT alert and 647 HRD.

I  installed it yesterday and  it all works  perfectly  no hiccups etc. simple abd first time..

I have two very minor observations,  which are no way problematic,

When the QSO is logged into HRD it will not show until the HRD " refresh" buton is hit.

Secondly,  the other columns  such as Lotw  sent and QSL card sent are still not populated to No even after " refresh" but need  to only when contact is " viewed" the F7 Updated.?

Wondering if this  "normal" or if I missed something.

Thanks again  Jacques

Ic 7300 -  Win 10 Pro  - WJSTX 1.7 - JTalert 2.94 -  HRD 6.4.647 - Maria dB  : all latest updates