Re: QSORELAY and error msg

Chris VK2BYI

We have identified an issue where QSO Relay is trying too soon to verify that the contact was logged after requesting HRD to log it, and not allowing enough time for HRD to actually write the contact to the database.  You get the warning but the contact subsequently appears in HRD Logbook.

We have modified the code to try more than once over a number of seconds to verify the contact, and this should address this problem.

It will be available in a new release that we are working on at the moment and hope to release shortly as time permits.

73 Chris


locked QSO Relay - Release 1.2 Now Available

Bruce VK2RT

Please be advised that a new release of QSO Relay (Version 1.2) is now available at

We wish to thank all users for their positive feedback and patience in working with us to resolve some of the issues experienced.

Release Notes for Version 1.2

  • Improved Database Synchronisation performance;
  • Added Database Synchronisation reports to users “Documents\QSORelay” folder;
  • Added caching of contacts that could not be relayed to HRD Logbook, to allow relay during a subsequent database synchronisation;
  • Improved message description on unique constraint violation exceptions;
  • Floating point values in float columns that should only contain integer values, are converted to integers;
  • Added row count to Delete Contact dialog caption bar;
  • Added QsoDate and Call search feature to Delete Contact dialog;
  • Added multiple attempts to check contact has been successfully logged in HRD Logbook;
  • Added support for different decimal place characters for different cultures;
  • Added support to convert invalid floating point values to integers values;
  • Added diagnostic tracing statements that can be captured to a session log file;

Please ensure that you download and read the new documentation.

If you are in need of a more detailed explanation on how to correctly configure QSO Relay when HRD Logbook is using a Microsoft Access (.mdb) database, we have added a new document called "Configuring QSO Relay for Microsoft Access Databases".

QSO Relay users, please spread the word...

New version and DB

Morris WA4MIT

Guys thanks very much for your effort and for sharing this with the HRD community. I have installed the new version and since I was using the old version my DB was in place. Syncing had taken over an hour is now 5 seconds. When looking at my HRD db it is 80,240kb the relay db is 19,272 kb. Does this sound about right? I know it seems to be working OK was just curious about the size difference. Again thanks guys you have really helped the HRD JT user community. 73 Morris wa4mit 

Re: New version and DB

Chris VK2BYI

Look in your Documents/QSORelay folder and you should see a file called "Sync Report yyyyMMddHHmmss.txt" where "yyyyMMdd" is the date and "HHmmss" is your local time when the sync was run.

This file will tell you how many rows there were in HRD when the extract started, and how many rows where synchronised by QSO Relay.  The number of rows should be the same in both cases.

Here is an example with a fairly small dataset.  We have tested this release with a 100,000 row dataset which takes about 3 minutes to sync.  So 5 seconds may be your new normal sync time!

2017-05-12 17:07:39.6239 Synchronise databases started
2017-05-12 17:07:39.7648 HRD Logbook contains 1298 rows
2017-05-12 17:07:40.9863 1298 rows synchronised in QSO Relay
2017-05-12 17:07:40.9868 Time elapsed: 00:00:01.3629135
2017-05-12 17:07:40.9868 Synchronise databases finished

Your database size would probably come down a bit in size if it was 'compacted', but it doesn't need to be.  The differences in file sizes are more a indication of the different file formats, rather than the actual size of the data.

73 Chris,

PS: To all reading this post - I forgot to mention the 'Sync Report' in the updated QSO Relay v1.2 documentation.  I will update it and post it online over the weekend sometime.

Sync not working on v1.2



Installed new version and everything seems to work with the logging, but when I try to sync the databases it deletes all the records in the QSOrelay db as though I did not have any records in my HRD db.  Tried several things but with all the same results.  I have verified that it is pointing to the correct HRD db, and since it is logging properly that should not be a problem.  Using HRD  Any help would be deeply appreciated.


Sync not working v1.2



Just read about the sync log, so here is mine:

2017-05-12 05:11:33.0761 Synchronise databases started
2017-05-12 05:11:33.7181 HRD Logbook contains 4890 rows
2017-05-12 05:11:38.0793 Time elapsed: 00:00:05.0032000
2017-05-12 05:11:38.0793 Synchronise databases finished

Notice it does not show that it was synced in the QSOrelay db

Rick Horton  WB7BOW 73

Re: Sync not working on v1.2

Chris VK2BYI

There are two data paths involved - relaying JT-mode contacts from QSO Relay to HRD Logbook, and downloading all contacts from HRD Logbook to QSO Relay.  The first path requires the IP Address, TCP Port and Logbook Database values in the QSO configuration settings to be correct, and the second path requires the Connection String setting to be correct.  It may be that your connection string setting is not correct.
Please refer to the Configuring QSO Relay for Microsoft Access Database document in the files section, or on my web site on the QSO Relay page for much greater detail on these related settings.
Let me know how you get on, but due to family commitments, I may not be able to reply again until about 4:00 PM tomorrow my time.
73 Chris

Re: Sync not working on v1.2

ON4VT Danny OT4V <danny@...>

Same issue here .... the QSOrelay DB has not declined in size though ....  But when trying to DELETE a QSO via QSOrealy it shows NO QSO's
The "B4" function in JTAlert also doen't see any B4 QSO ....  

Re: Sync not working on v1.2



I had verified the paths and had actually read your pdf on configuring QSO Relay for Microsoft Access Database before installing the new version. My post #66 shows the log of the sync.

Rick WB7BOW 73

Re: New version and DB

Morris WA4MIT

Hi Chris I am seeing what the others that have posted the log does not show any relay rows and if I open the delete function no contacts are shown. I did not delete anything just ran the update and then the sync function which stays on no more than 10 seconds. JTAlert is not showing any B4`s here and I looked up a callsign and it should have been a B4 contact in alert. Should we delete the old DB and go from there?. Thanks 73 wa4mit Morris

2017-05-12 06:26:40.0177 Synchronise databases started

2017-05-12 06:26:44.7023 HRD Logbook contains 23320 rows

2017-05-12 06:26:47.4967 Time elapsed: 00:00:07.4789179

2017-05-12 06:26:47.5227 Synchronise databases finished

Re: Sync not working on v1.2

Hank W6IR

I concur that sync is not working in the new version. The entire sql.lite DB was wiped out under the new version. Removed it and reinstalled 1.1 and re-synced. Everything is back in the DB. Will wait for a fix. Chris, I'm happy to help test anything new out, I'm retired from the IT world so I do know my way around.


New version running


Thanks for QSO Relay new version. Syncronization is ok. Before it was 35 minutes to syncronize and now about 15 secon

73, Clovis- PY3OG

Re: Sync not working on v1.2



You might try turning on trace (look in the V1.2 Doc on how to turn it on) complete a sync, then turn off trace and post the trace.

It should look similar to my one, this will tell you if you have all the parts correctly configured.  I just pulled this down a few minutes ago.

Chris will be able to look at what is going on then from the trace.

Re: New version and DB


Hi Chris,

Having installed the new version I can say that it is working very well. All my previous problems have gone. I did put the trace on as I was getting error messages but this told me I had about 4 QSOs which were exact duplicates (how I don't know) and Relay didn't like those. When I had deleted them the sync of 65k QSOs took 1.51 minutes (elapsed time). I have now installed the latest versions of WSJT-X and JTALERT and QSOs are now being logged to the latest version of HRD.

Many Many thanks to you and the team for a great program. 73,

Antony G4CUS

Re: Sync not working on v1.2

Morris WA4MIT

Same here guys have tried everything I know to do uninstalled with Revo deleted relay DB reinstalled 1.2 still not working, verified the paths sync shows 23321 rows in HRD nothing in relay DB

My trace:

2017-05-12 17:54:21.6266 Trace listener started

2017-05-12 17:54:31.7619 Synchronise databases started

2017-05-12 17:54:31.7629 Creating synchronise database lock file

2017-05-12 17:54:31.8004 Checking for cached contacts

2017-05-12 17:54:31.8004 No cached contacts

2017-05-12 17:54:31.8009 Creating HRD dataset

2017-05-12 17:54:34.3446 Refreshing SQLite

2017-05-12 17:54:34.3446 Truncating Log table

2017-05-12 17:54:34.5271 0 rows deleted

2017-05-12 17:54:34.5306 Log Table truncated

2017-05-12 17:54:34.5306 HRD Logbook contains 23321 rows

2017-05-12 17:54:34.6962 Begin transaction

2017-05-12 17:54:34.6962 Time On: 2017-05-12 01:40:00, Call: RV9CX, Band: 20m, Mode: JT65

2017-05-12 17:54:34.6982 Time On: 2017-05-11 10:15:00, Call: M0PXS, Band: 20m, Mode: JT9

2017-05-12 17:54:34.6987 Time On: 2017-05-11 10:09:00, Call: OT4R, Band: 20m, Mode: JT9

A extended long list of contacts ... then ends with this

SQLite error (2067): abort at 292 in [Insert Into [Log] ( QsoId, Address, Age, AIndex, AntAz, AntEl, Band, BandRx, Call, Comment, Cont, ContactedOp, ContestId, Country, Cqz, Distance, Dxcc, EqCall, Email, EqslQslRDate, EqslQslSDat

2017-05-12 18:29:11.3258 constraint failed

UNIQUE constraint failed: Log.Call, Log.Band, Log.Mode, Log.QsoDate, Log.TimeOn

Insert Into [Log] ( QsoId, Address, Age, AIndex, AntAz, AntEl, Band, BandRx, Call, Comment, Cont, ContactedOp, ContestId, Country, Cqz, Distance, Dxcc, EqCall, Email, EqslQslRDate, EqslQslSDate, EqslQslRcvd, EqslQslSent, ForceInit, Freq, FreqRx, GridSquare, Iota, IotaIslandId, Ituz, KIndex, Lat, Lon, MaxBursts, MsShower, MyLat, MyLon, LotwQslRDate, LotwQslSDate, LotwQslRcvd, LotwQslSent, Mode, MyCity, MyCnty, MyCountry, MyCqZone, MyGridSquare, Myiota, MyIotaIslandId, MyItuZone, MyName, MyPostalCode, MyRig, MySig, MySigInfo, MyState, MyStreet, Name, Notes, NrBursts, NrPings, Pfx, TheOperator, OwnerCallsign, Precedence, PropMode, PublicKey, ProgramId, ProgramVersion, QslMsg, QslRDate, QslSDate, QslRcvd, QslRcvdVia, QslSent, QslSentVia, QslVia, QsoComplete, QsoDate, QsoDateOff, QsoRandom, Qth, Rig, Sfi, RstRcvd, RstSent, SatMode, SatName, Sig, SigInfo, Srx, SrxString, State, StationCallsign, Stx, StxString, Swl, TimeOff, TimeOn, ValidatedCallsign, ManualDateTime, Mobile, Qrp, Portable, CallsignUrl, HomepageUrl, Contest, Cnty, AntPath, ArrlSect, ArrlCheck, TheCla

wa4mit Morris

Re: Sync not working v1.2


Sync is not working for me either. Syncing took about 5 seconds, but afterwards the QSO Relay database is empty. I tried uninstalling v1.1 and doing a fresh install of v1.2, but that didn't help.  For the record, I'm running Windows 10 Creators Update, and HRD's database is in MS Access. I'm back using v1.1 and all is working great.  Note, syncing about 5,000 records took around 2 minutes.

. . . John (WA3CAS)

Sync not working on v1.2

Luca Nerva

Hi, I have the same problem here, but if I do some new QSOs they appears in the list of contacts to be deleted. And they are shown also as QSO B4 in JTALERT. Naturally all contacts disappears from list if I resync again. All QSO are logged 100% in HRD Logbook



Some time ago I had uninstalled LOG4OM, and at the start of JTALERT I had the log error message, the only way to fix the log name was to reinstall it.



73’s de Luke IW1FZR


JTALert V2.9.6 Problem

Mike Davies <face@...>


Just upgraded to JTALert V2.9.6 and find that WSJTX won't log through JTALert via QSO Relay to HRD Log.  The error which JTAlert gives is that Log4OM Communicator is not running.  Reverted to V2.9.5 and all is OK.

Mike, G0KAD

Re: JTALert V2.9.6 Problem

Graham G0SCV <graham@...>

Same here Mike, going back to 2.9.5 restored the function, I thought I had done something wrong :-)

waiting to test any ideas

73 de



Re: JTALert V2.9.6 Problem

Chris VK2BYI

Hi Mike and Graham,

I too can confirm the change in behavior of JTAlertX with the latest 2.9.6 release.

We respect HamApps right to have JTAlertX behave as it sees fit.  However, it also means that we can’t have QSO Relay running at the same time as Log4OM and Lo4OM Communicator.

HamApps does recommend that if your preferred logger is not supported, then you should use ADIF Logging.  So, we will modify QSO Relay to work with HamApps’ recommendation.

This will take some time, so in the meantime we suggest you go back to JTAlertX 2.9.5, until we get this piece of work completed.

73 Chris