Re: Sync not working on v1.2

Chris VK2BYI

My 100,000 QSO test database does not have duplicates, and I have been careful to avoid creating them in HRD Logbook.  But it has happened to me occasionally.  Unfortunately, HRD Logbook does not prevent duplicate contacts from being created.

QSO Relay always checks for duplicates as they are being logged into its database, and when they are being relayed, to avoid creating them in HRD Logbook.

The next release (1.3), which is being tested as I type this, will check for duplicates in HRD Logbook at the start of the sync.  If it finds any, it will add the details to the "Sync Report <datetime>.txt" file it creates during a sync in the Documents/QSORelay folder, and the sync will stop.  Users will then need to remove the unwanted duplicates, being careful to keep the best up-to-date row as the remaining contact, before attempting the sync again.

73 Chris


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