Stopped logging to HRD

Ian Morrow


I would like to say that you software is great and doing a great job.  I am new to JT65 and have been using you software all day. I set it up to your quick setup guide and it worked right away.  Everything was logging 100% until about 12 midday and then it stopped logging to HRD but it was still logging to the QSORelay SQLite database. I have 4 contacts in my log since the last one to log in HRD ,but they will not come over to my HRD log.  I have tried to synchronise Databases a few times but it still has not helped. Hope you can help in some way?  I have changed no setting since I first set it up and it was working.


If you need access to my setup , I have TeamViewer on my computer.


Best Regards


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