Re: Contact was not logged in QSORelay SQLite database


I check this and correct file was pointed.. anyway i got this finally work, i read your post from JTDX FB group. And YES my regional settings uses "," COMMA for the decimal symbol, if i change to "." DOT, restart JTDX JTalertx and QSORelay everything works fine no problemes at all. If i use default value on decimal symbol (COMMA) and restart JTDX JTalertx and QSORelay.. it wont work anymore

So i hope that QSORelay will support my default symbol COMMA in future versions. To be honest i thought some place this problem that it may be something in regional settings what can do this, but i did not test change any of them silly me =)

Anyway, to me problem have now "work around solution" but i hope that you fix this in future version soon or later. Thank you for your support

Mikko, OH8EJW

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