sticky QSO Relay Not Logging Contacts after JTAlert v2.15.1 Update

Chris VK2BYI

A new option has been added in version 2.15.1 of JTAlert ( to optionally include an ADIF header in the 'LastQSO.adi' file.  The default setting for this new option is to include the header.

Unfortunately, QSO Relay fails to correctly parse the ADIF record being received from JTAlert if this header is included.  A new version of QSO Relay will be released shortly that will correctly parse the ADIF record regardless of whether or not the header is included.

In the meantime, you can temporarily turn off the option in JTAlert so that the ADIF record will be handled correctly by the current version QSO Relay (v1.8.6930.23917).  Open the JTAlert Settings window, and select Last QSO API under the Logging node and uncheck the Include ADIF Header:

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

73 Chris VK2BYI

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