locked sticky Ham Radio Deluxe v6.4.0.866 and QSO Forwarding

Chris VK2BYI

Several changes have been made to the QSO Forwarding features in Logbook in the latest Ham Radio Deluxe release.  One new feature is a UDP datagram listener for the N1MM Logger+ Broadcasts feature that was first implemented in WSJT-X version 1.9.0. which allows direct, automatic logging of QSOs from WSJT-X to Logbook.  This new feature is great for those users running just WSJT-X and HRD Logbook or other loggers with N1MM compatible interfaces.

For those users like myself who routinely use JTAlertX and possibly QSO Relay, using this new listener allows for an alternative configuration that I have managed to get working.  However, I don't recommend using it with JTAlertX for a few reasons:

  • JTAlertX continues to support direct logging to HRD Logbook using the Logbook API;
  • it requires a more complicated set of application settings which offers no real advantage;
  • it makes using QSO Relay mandatory and I am happy for it to remain an option.

So, to provide further explanation and to avoid confusion, I have written a paper that describes various scenarios and the configuration options required to successfully implement working configurations.  The file can also be found in the Files section of this support group.

In summary, if you are using JTAlertX (with or without QSO Relay), no need to change anything.  If you are using QSO Relay, v1.7 remains the latest version.

73 Chris


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