Re: Installed QSO relay with JTAlert, WSJT-X and HRD V6 but nothing get loaded into HRD

Chris VK2BYI

Port 7826 is the Logbook API port that implements a proprietary command line interface that allows third party applications like QSO Relay and JTAlert to add contacts to the Logbook using TCP.  Port 7825 is a completely different interface that uses XML packets sent using UDP to log contacts from DM-780.  You must use 7826 as the port number for the Logbook TCP port in QSO Relay, and you should reset the port to 7825 in DM-780.  In hindsight, I should not have made the Logbook TCP port setting in QSO Relay editable.  It should have been read-only, or not displayed at all, as I don't believe the port number can be changed in Logbook.

Please refer to the YouTube video or documentation, both of which are available from, for further information.  You need to use Standard ADIF File logging in JTAlert, and refer to the QSO Relay Settings and Data Flow topic in particular for an overview of the data flow..

If you would like me to take a closer at what might be happening, please read the Reporting an Issue - MUST READ topic for the steps to take to capture a session during an attempt to log a contact.

I should also mention that QSO Relay is no longer required to log contacts from JTAlert to Logbook.  Later versions of JTAlert support direct logging to Logbook via the HRD V5/V6 setting.  This was not always the case in the past which is why QSO Relay was developed.  So you can try using direct logging from JTAlert to Logbook, and close down QSO Relay to see if that helps.

73 Chris

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