Installed QSO relay with JTAlert, WSJT-X and HRD V6 but nothing get loaded into HRD

Roel Vreeburg

Hi Chris,

Installed QSO relay last week, everything seems to work fine but the HRD Logbook is not being updated. 
I have checked everything I could. Re-installed software, looked at the experiences of other users, but no luck so far.
One thing I noted is that you are stating that 7826 is the standard port for the Logbook MSAccess connection. In my case is should be 7825 as that is how the Logbook network server address and the DM780 address are set when installing. Or this is my mistake and the 7826 port has another source... Anyway, I have tried leaving everything as is, and changing all to 7826. DM780 does get to the Logbook when using the same port number, however this does not make a difference for the QSO relay app unfortunately.
I have to mention that I am using Win4Icom, which is also connecting to HRD V6 using a build in server. This might be the conflict.

But now I am stuck with options. Hope you can advise me what to do.

I have a Windows 10 Professional installation on my HP Zbook.

Best regards,


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