Re: Installed QSORelay but does not run

Chris VK2BYI

Hi Selwyn,
If there isn’t enough room in the system tray to display the QSO Relay icon, Windows will hide it by default.  If you click on the white up arrow in the system tray, the overflow area will pop up and reveal any hidden icons:

If you find the QSO Relay icon (the white arrow in the red circle) there, you can ‘drag’ it down to the system tray to keep it visible like I have done.

Also, you can check if QSO Relay is running in the background by opening Task Manager and select the Processes tab.  Scroll down under the Background processes heading and look for QSO Relay (Tip: press the ‘Q’ key as a short cut to finding any processes with a name starting with ‘Q’).

73 Chris

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