Re: Synchronize Database; QSO Relay

Peter Demas

2018-01-20 18:40:09.6125   Time On: 2008-08-11 03:44:40 Call: HR7REA     Band: 20m    Mode: USB    Duplicates: 2
2018-01-20 18:40:09.6125   Time On: 2011-01-13 05:28:00 Call: 7P8JW      Band: 40m    Mode: CW     Duplicates: 2

When I originally opened the log book, there were duplicates for the two calls sings above on the date provided in the .txt file. I deleted both entries completely from HRD from HRD by deleting "4" QSOs, but still get the same .txt file when I run the Sync. I have searched the DB for the two calls and there are no more occurences.
Thanks Chris for your help. Off to bed!
Pete - W2PJ

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