Mike Steiner

I just updated to JTAlert 2.10.5 and I don’t know what I did or what the problem is.


I got two errors and a problem.


The first error was the UDP ports weren’t matching supposedly when I launch the JTalert.


Unable to communicate with the WSJT-X process.

  UDP Port : 2237

  IP Address :

  Values read from WSJT-X config file...



WSJT-X Detected Instance...

  Process Window Title : WSJT-X   v1.8.0-rc3   by K1JT

  Process Command Line : "C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\wsjtx.exe"


Decode alerts and logging will be unavailable until corrected.


But now I just realized that I’m not getting any logging to HRD. When I ran the sync database I get the following error message:




The process cannot access the file



Because its being used by another process.


I closed WSJT and JTalert and was able to re-snyc the database however my new contacts weren’t logged or moved over.


Mike K7QDX

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