moderated Re: New to this group, install questions

Chris VK2BYI

Hi Bob,

They may be there.  You can re-sort the rows in the grid by clicking on the column headings - so if you click on QsoDate it will re-sort by date in one direction, and clicking again it will sort in the other direction.  That might help in finding them in the grid, but you may have already figured this out and they are missing.

It is already on our road map to add a search facility and row count to this dialog which will be in the next release.  You will then be able to more easily confirm if the sync brought all rows down from HRD to QSO Relay.

In the meantime, would you mind zipping up your HRD Access MDB file and emailing it to me, so I can try and reproduce the issue here?  I will keep your log private and destroy it afterwards.

Also, you could look in the AppData folder for the application - C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\VK2BYI\QSORelay, and see if any exceptions have occurred during the sync.  If there is an exception log there (Exception yyyy-mm-dd.log), can you send it to me as well?

If the AppData folder is not visible in Windows explorer, you will have to select the Hidden Items control to make it become visible:

73 Chris

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