QSORelay and AVAST

Bob Davet

Just going to mention this because it has happened to me twice now on updates. Most recently on the 1.4 upgrade this morning. Just got home from work. Was tired and forgot to stop AVAST.

I am using AVAST as my virus protection. Seems to work for me.
I know the work around for it but sometimes I forget like I did this AM when updating to 1.4

AVAST does not recognize the program so it scans it then quarantines it and you have to send it and a bunch of other information to AVAST so they can make sure it is OK. That can take from 2 days to 2 weeks.

I have a workaround for it. When you get ready to install any QSORelay program and/or update just turn off AVAST for 10 minutes till QSORelay is done installing.Then everything is good.

Chris, can you possibly look into getting QSORelay checked by AVAST and any other antivirus program so this does not happen when people upgrade or install?? Don't know what is involved or how that is done. It would just be nice to not have to deal with this issue when installing or upgrading.



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