Contact was not logged in QSORelay SQLite database


Greetings from Finland

First thank you so much that finally we have solution use HRD6 with jtalertx, many of the JTDX users with jtalertx have get this work but some how i just can get this work. Tried with two different PC:s one with Windows 7 and one with Windows 10. I have disabled firewall, uninstalled, reinstalled, checking my settings many times but still when i try log a QSO i got "Contact was not logged in QSORelay SQLitedatabase"

I just not understand what is wrong or what i do wrong because i got same error with two different computers as i said. Only what works to me is Sync with sqlite file and HRD logbook

Sqlite file is 36KB when i create it, sync with HDR works fine no problem, but when i try log a QSO i got error. Please look attachments my pics from my settings. I would appreciate it if someone could help me and show me where i do mistake or wrong or do i have missed something

Best regards
OH8EJW, Mikko

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