Re: QSORelay and HRD will not log

Chris VK2BYI

Hi Ian,
I am not sure what might be happening, but you shouldn't have to recreate the SQLite file to get logging to work again.
So, reproduce the situation where the HRD logging is not working. Then:
  1. Tick the Enable Tracing checkbox in the QSO Relay options dialog to start a new session trace;
  2. Try to log a test contact or two;
  3. Un-tick the Enable Tracing checkbox to flush the session data and close the file;
  4. Zip up all the files from the QSO Relay AppData folder and upload the results to the Reported Issue Uploads folder, or email the zip file to me direct if you prefer.  You can get my email address from

The session trace file will show me in detail what is happening from the contact being received from JTAlert through to it trying to be logged in HRD Logbook.

73 Chris


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