QSORelay and HRD will not log

Ian Morrow

Hi Chris


Sorry to bother you but I am having bother with logging in HRD. Here is my setup software

Ham Radio Deluxe

JTAlertX 2.9.7

WSJT-X 1.7.0

QSORelay 1.3.6343.31566

Windows 10 64Bit PRO


I setup all the programmes as you said in you manual and everything works 100% (FANTASTIC SOFTWARE), but the problem is when I shut all the software down and the computer and comeback after a while.

When I start all up again HRD will not log at all.  I have changed nothing only switched everything off. I have tried to synchronise database again but it does not fix it!  I have been able to fix it but it is only temporary.  I have to delete the QSO RELAY SQLITE DATABASE, create a new database, and then synchronise the database and then it works 100% again until I shut all down again.


I will send you whatever Exception logs there are in the folder and also a Session Tracing Log that I created to your email if needed.


Best Regards




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