Re: sync fail

Chris VK2BYI

Well, then it must be a configuration issue.

Refer to the QSO Relay Settings and Data Flow diagram and double check all of your QSO Relay settings.

Don't worry about the IP Address of the PC itself, you must use an IP Address value, and TCP Port of 7826 to access HRD Logbook from QSO Relay as the following image shows..

Make sure that the Logbook Database: you have selected to upload contacts to QSO Relay, is the same database file you have selected in the Connection String: setting in QSO Relay.  For a detailed explanation on how you check that Logbook Database: and Connection String: are both referencing the same Access (.mdb), read this document: Configuring QSO Relay for Microsoft Access Databases

You can also follow the instructions in the Reporting an Issue, and send me that information if all else fails.

73 Chris

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