Re: More on Synchronizing DB

Chris VK2BYI

Hi Morris,

Each time the sync process is run, QSO Relay has to compare all rows in both databases to determine the necessary changes to be made in the QSO Relay DB, so it still may take a significant amount time to sync on the next attempt.

It is possible that another process such as antivirus scanning software or Microsoft's Compatibility Telemetry service could have been running at the same as the sync and caused high disk I/O utilization, and your next scan might be a lot quicker, but with 23000 rows it may not.

It is more than obvious that I need to improve the performance of the sync process, so this will get my immediate attention and I hope I can make some substantial improvements in the coming days.  I am sorry, but you will have to bear with the slow grind in the meantime.

73 Chris

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