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Thank you for your answer but all programs are in the same pc i dont know why thr hrd uses the ip of the pc and not the All the apps are in the same pc. I use microsoft access mdb.

With the previus version of qso relay  everything was workig fine.

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From: Chris VK2BYI
Date: Mon May 22 05:11:51 EEST 2017
Subject: Re: [vk2byi-qsorelay] sync fail

Yes, it is critical.  QSO Relay uses the Logbook API command line interface (CLI) to log contacts in HRD Logbook via port 7826.

It should be no problem as far as the download from HRD Logbook to QSO Relay is concerned, especially if you are using Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle MySQL for the database server, as you can specify the server name in the Connection String (OLEDB) settings.  If you are using a Microsoft Access (.mdb) file for the database in HRD Logbook, you will have to share that file on your local area network so it can be accessed from the PC running QSO Relay. That should work, but I haven't personally tried that.

However, I do not know how you can access the CLI from a different PC. There does not appear to be an option in HRD Logbook settings anywhere, where you change the values of and port 7826 used by the CLI.  This means that QSO Relay and HRD Logbook need to be on the same PC.

You might want to post a question on the Ham Radio Deluxe Support Forum and ask if anyone knows if the Logbook API CLI interface can be accessed from another PC.

If anyone reading this knows, please let us know, as I am only too willing to support it if it can be done.

73 Chris

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