Finally, I think it is set up right accept for one thing

Bob Davet

Got all the files pointing to the right direction.

Running JT65-HF V4

JTAlert V2.9.7

QSORelay V1.3.6343.31566

Using HRD logging. When I make a contact and log it it goes into my HRD log very quickly.

What I am not seeing is my contacts, countries and other stuff like that, that I have already contacted show up right in JTAlert.

Seem to be showing in JT65-HF correctly, I see the ones I just contacted today there as qso b4.

But that same ontact in JTAlert shows like I never contacted them before.

It seems like there is something missing coming back from my HRD log.

Is there a setting that I have missed?? I followed the new setup PDF and don't think I missed anything.

I selected the Standard ADIF File in JTAlert for logging. Set up a file name for it.

Selected the same file in QSORelay for JTAlert ADIF file name.

I even tried San Log and Update in JTAlert thinking that might update things but it up dated but I'm still not getting the feed back from my HRD log.

I also tried synchronizing the database in QSORelay after making these contacts just to see if that made a difference but it didn't.

It seems like JTAlert is not getting log feedback from the HRD and QSORelay logs so it can update its log.



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