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Chris VK2BYI

If you encounter a problem, before reporting the issue via our support forum, please read the following information.  You will then be able to provide us with technical information that will help to diagnose and resolve any coding issues more quickly.

Firstly, read the documents available in the Files folder of the forum, as a solution to your problem may be found there.  Also, search the message topics posted by other forum members, as a solution to your problem may be found there as well.

If you still cannot find a resolution, then follow these steps:

        1.  If an application error occurs, an exception log file will be automatically created using the following name format:

       Exception yyyy-MM-dd.log

       where yyyy-MM-dd is the current local date

        2.  If you can repeat the process that causes an error, refer to the Session Tracing section in the QSO Relay document on how to create a session log file.

        3.  Then repeat the process with session tracing enabled.

        4.  Be sure to uncheck the Enable tracing checkbox and click the Close button in the QSO Relay Options dialog when done. This will ensure that the full session tracing information is written and the file closed.

        5.  The exception and session tracing log files are written to the following folder:

       C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\VK2BYI\QSORelay\

        6.  Zip up all the files from this folder, and send an email to me (my email address is on my QRZ.com page) explaining the issue you are encountering, and be sure to attach the zipped files.

        7.  You may also want to include a zipped copy of your HRD Logbook as an Access database (*.mdb) file, if that is possible.  I will keep the content confidential, and I will destroy the file when the issue has been resolved.

        8.  If the attachment(s) are too big to be sent via email, you can post it to the files section in our support forum instead.

Thank you,
Chris VK2BYI

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