locked Re: QSO Relay version 1.3

Morris WA4MIT

Partial success I was able to create a DB and it seems to have all my log in it this all went smooth, in JTAlert I setup for the ADI log it is pointed to the "log.adi" in the app data qso relay folder however a JTAlert scan says I have no states, countries etc confirmed so it is like day one on JT mode. I will send you the screen shots I made of my setup in Alert and Relay and my data base zipped if I can. The sync went without any errors in just a few seconds. In the UT7IJ log entry the number was like .9410000002300 something like that I used bulk edit to erase and I had this column showing and this was the only entry that had anything in this column now how did that get there?. Thanks Chris 73 wa4mit Morris


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