locked Re: QSO Relay version 1.3

Morris WA4MIT

Chris I seem to have spoken to soon. Sorry to report that the DB is empty again this is same symptom I had with Version 1.2 I followed the full manual setup and I have again deleted everything including the config file and started from scratch and it all indicates it working the test DB function says OK the sync function does not stop or give any error msgs. When sync finishes delete a contact shows no entries. I discovered the problem when I tried to do a JTAlert log scan and everything came up 0 contacts just like starting out I backed out of this and started over with the install as mentioned but even that did not help. What am I doing wrong?

I think this is the trace file? from the exception log in the Roaming area:

2017-05-17 21:31:26.2532 ERROR System.ArgumentException: Input string was not in a correct format.Couldn't store <> in RxPwrDecimal Column.  Expected type is Decimal. ---> System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.

   at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)

   at System.Number.ParseDecimal(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)

   at System.Convert.ToDecimal(String value, IFormatProvider provider)

   at System.String.System.IConvertible.ToDecimal(IFormatProvider provider)

   at System.Data.Common.DecimalStorage.Set(Int32 record, Object value)

   at System.Data.DataColumn.set_Item(Int32 record, Object value)

   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

   at System.Data.DataColumn.set_Item(Int32 record, Object value)

   at System.Data.DataRow.set_Item(DataColumn column, Object value)

   at QSORelay.Entities.SqliteLogbook.CreateNewRow(DataSet sqliteDataSet, DataRow hrdDataSetRow, IEnumerable hrdColumns)

2017-05-17 21:31:26.3052 ERROR Insert Into [Log] ( QsoId, Address, Age, AIndex, AntAz, AntEl, Band, BandRx, Call, Comment, Cont, ContactedOp, ContestId, Country, Cqz, Distance, Dxcc, EqCall, Email, EqslQslRDate, EqslQslSDate, EqslQslRcvd, EqslQslSent, ForceInit, Freq, FreqRx, GridSquare, Iota, IotaIslandId, Ituz, KIndex, Lat, Lon, MaxBursts, MsShower, MyLat, MyLon, LotwQslRDate, LotwQslSDate, LotwQslRcvd, LotwQslSent, Mode, MyCity, MyCnty, MyCountry, MyCqZone, MyGridSquare, Myiota, MyIotaIslandId, MyItuZone, MyName, MyPostalCode, MyRig, MySig, MySigInfo, MyState, MyStreet, Name, Notes, NrBursts, NrPings, Pfx, TheOperator, OwnerCallsign, Precedence, PropMode, PublicKey, ProgramId, ProgramVersion, QslMsg, QslRDate, QslSDate, QslRcvd, QslRcvdVia, QslSent, QslSentVia, QslVia, QsoComplete, QsoDate, QsoDateOff, QsoRandom, Qth, Rig, Sfi, RstRcvd, RstSent, SatMode, SatName, Sig, SigInfo, Srx, SrxString, State, StationCallsign, Stx, StxString, Swl, TimeOff, TimeOn, ValidatedCallsign, ManualDateTime, Mobile, Qrp, Portable, CallsignUrl, HomepageUrl, Contest, Cnty, AntPath, ArrlSect, ArrlCheck, TheClass, CreditSubmitted, CreditGranted, TenTen, MyAntenna, ClubLogQsoUploadDate

Log sync from Documents

2017-05-17 17:45:20.4331 Synchronise databases started

2017-05-17 17:45:23.3919 HRD Logbook contains 23386 rows

2017-05-17 17:45:34.0624 Time elapsed: 00:00:13.6292385

2017-05-17 17:45:34.0629 Synchronise databases finished

I am using the Maria DB and I believe this must have something to do with this problem but certainly not sure of that as others seem to be working and mine is not with either 1.2 or 1.3. I re-downloaded and uninstalled and installed again. I had not setup the sqlite part but now that is setup. The DB form is there but no contacts in DB. No Joy. Is anyone else using the Maria DB and getting version 1.3 to work?. Thanks Morris wa4mit 

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