Second call for assistance - WICEN ACT - National Capital Rally 28th & 29th November

Phillip Longworth

Good morning everyone

With about three and a half weeks to go before the running of this years National Capital Rally we say thanks to those who have already responded to our call for assistance, we have heard from VK1GH, VK2JHG, VK1AAA, VK1WX, VK1WPR, VK1FCEW, VK2NMF, VK1AAH, VK1WN, VK1FMAC, VK1MA, VK1FPRV, VK2DIG, VK1HBB & VK2CPH.


We are still woefully short of people however noting we need 18 field stations on the Saturday and 9 field stations on the Sunday, plus a number of people in the HQ at Woden on both days.


Recapping…the Rally is scheduled for Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of November.


All stages will be run in the Uriarra / Tidbinbilla area to the west and south west of Canberra and will introduce a different order to that we have had in the past.


Saturday Morning see's the running of 4 stages (2 stages each run twice) with SS1 & SS3 being the "Cottage 5 Ways" stage and SS2 & SS4 being the "Tidbinbilla" stage, and in the afternoon moving to a further 6 stages (3 stages each run twice) of SS5 & SS8 being the traditional "Hyles Block" stage, SS6 & SS9 being a revised "East West" stage, and SS7 & SS10 being a revised "Blue Range" stage.


Sunday see's the running of 6 stages (3 stages each run twice) and being new stages not run before. SS11 & SS14 is "Caves Block" being held in the Pierces East area, SS12 & SS15 is "Out of Nowhere" in the Pierces area, and SS13 & SS16 being a shortened "Hyles Block" power stage.


At this stage, meet times and locations are still being confirmed and the following is subject to change ....


Stage # Stage      Name Meet    Time Meet Place SOS Points Latest    Finish Time
SS1 / SS3 Cottage 5 Ways 5:30 AM Former Cotter Pub Carpark Start, SOS A, SOS B, Stop 2:05 PM
SS2 / SS4 Tidbinbilla 6:00 AM Murrays Corner ?? Start, SOS A, SOS B, SOS C, Stop 2:30 PM
SS5 / SS8 Hyles Block 12:00  Noon Hyles Block "Stop" gate Start, SOS A, Stop 8:15 PM
SS6 / SS9 East West 12:00  Noon East West Road Start, SOS A, Stop 8:40 PM
SS7 / SS10 Blue Range Road 12:30 PM Blue Range Road Start, SOS A, Stop 9:00 PM
SS11 / SS14 Caves Block 8:30 AM Former Cotter Pub Carpark Start, SOS A, Stop 4:00 PM
SS12 / SS15 Out of Nowhere 8:45 AM Former Cotter Pub Carpark Start, SOS A, Stop 4:15 PM
SS13 / SS16 Hyles Block Short 10:00 AM Hyles Block "Stop" gate Start, Stop 5:05 PM


Can I ask that you respond to this request for volunteers using the google form at this link:

Please use this form for your responses rather than emailing us (as we need answers to the questions asked on the form), but of course if you do have questions or cannot access the link, please email us on the WICEN@... address.


Please let us know if you are unable to assist also, so we can make a notation and not harass you further.






Phil Longworth VK1PL

Deputy State Coordinator, WICEN ACT


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