Announcement - Visual Recognition ("VisRec") for Java API

Frank Greco

Announcing the Availability of Visual Recognition (“VisRec”) for Java 1.0

Feb 4, 2020

JSR #381 “VisRec” is a standard high-level API that allows Java developers a familiar API for basic Machine Learning (ML), image classification, and object recognition.  One of the goals of JSR #381 is to provide a common reusable design for Java machine learning development in different domains.

Similar to other JSRs, VisRec can have several underlying implementations and provides a programming style that should be familiar to the vast majority of Java developers.

We invite you, the Java Community, to submit valuable feedback and to test the quality of the implementation. This beta release includes basic hello world examples for supported machine learning tasks (classification and regression) and image classification. We invite all existing Java ML open source project authors, contributors, and developers to provide feedback, and to consider building general ML components using this API.

Thanks to everyone that contributed their expertise, valuable time and useful suggestions. Special thanks to Zoran Sevarac, Kevin Berendsen, Sandhya Kapoor, Werner Keil, Constantin Drabo, Ankara Parida, Melissa Mckay, Buddha Jyothiprasad, Shreya Gupta, Amit Nagesh, and many others.  Special thanks to Heather VanCura and Harold Ogle for their ongoing guidance through the JCP process.  And we also would like to thank all the major Java companies for the “Java for ML” (Gran Sasso initiative) discussions the past year; we learned a lot about why big companies want Java to play an important role in ML.

We greatly appreciate any feedback, suggestions or even reports of foobar.  :)    Now the fun begins!


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