VisRec JSR #381 Status Meeting Minutes - Feb 4, 2020

Frank Greco

VisRec JSR #381 Status Meeting Minutes - Feb 4, 2020

  • Final tweaks before release.
  • Zoran commented API looks clean, easy-to-use and Java-friendly
  • Zoran suggested changing ClassificationException to an unchecked exception since there's only the possibility of an IOException internally
  • There was a suggestion of ImageClassifier returning the top (most probable) N classes.  Discussed a utility method solution to return the "top N" classes vs passing a number to a Builder method.  Zoran will create an example
  • Minor text to add to implementor's guide:  Naming convention using model/algorithm.  Also, implementors should add static builder methods.
  • Frank Liu from Amazon formally added to the EG
  • Announcement email to the release - Frank created a draft and Zoran/Kevin reviewed.

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