VisRec JSR #381 Status Meeting Minutes - Jan 14, 2020

Frank Greco

VisRec JSR #381 Status Meeting Minutes - Jan 14, 2020

  • Kevin and Zoran spent several hours redesign of Classifier interface architecture that uses generic types.  New (and improved!) interface change affects all Classifiers and our APIs in general.
  • Zoran noticed our BinaryClassifier is too neural-network specific.  It needs to be more general for other non-NN implementations.
  • Zoran also noticed we need a CreateMultiClassClassifier() method.
  • No progress on the last 2 examples in Getting Started doc.
  • Frank reported still no response from the JCP on Amazon's Expert Group membership (Frank Liu).
  • Finishing touches on BinaryClassifier and TCK completion still needed
  • Last 2 examples in the Getting Started doc
  • Frank will contact Heather on Amazon's EG status

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